2016-01-13 05:50 pm

My mother is dead.

It's funny, I started my Livejournal in 2001 more or less in response to the death of my grandmother, and now here I am coming back because I want to talk about my mom dying. That's kind of morbid.

Rambling about my mom )
2010-06-29 01:29 pm

Movin' on up

As much as I love LJ, Dreamwidth is plainly the better platform. Simply the fact that there's a distinction between who you want to read your stuff and whose stuff you want to read is awesome. So I suspect I'll be moving over here, bit by bit.

I have also snagged a Dreamwidth account for my professional writing, at [personal profile] alarajrogers, and one for Q, at [personal profile] qcontinuum. This and my LJ will continue to be my fannish and real life journals, and I'll probably set up crossposting.

I need icons!